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Tucked away in Northwestern Pennsylvania, resides a small group of Amish that calls Lawrence County their home. Along the winding country roads, etched with well-worn buggy tracks, are families that hold the values of God, Family, and Community deep in tradition. Among them, are ten women whose lives intertwine in this quiet Pennsylvania town. I invite you to come with me as I take you for a walk in a “day in the life” of these Amish women.

Each of them is led by the Lord to take care of her family, and each embraces her role as the one who holds her family together. Some will discover new love, one will battle health issues, some will need to forgive, and others will find who they are in Christ. But what binds them all together is their desire to serve God, love their families, and support their community by loving their neighbors, just as God instructs them to do. 

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A Message from Emma Yoder

A Message from Emma Yoder

For a bit of fun, I asked Emma if she would be willing to become Willow Springs resident Scribe …and she agreed. I hope you enjoy her first entry. Willow Springs, PANew Order Fellowship May 10, 2022 - We've been blessed with beautiful weather. It was 80 on Sunday. The...

The next best thing to meeting my favorite author is…

The next best thing to meeting my favorite author is…

listening to them read from their newest release! Have you ever longed to meet one of your favorite Amish Fiction Authors? While I know meeting face to face isn’t always possible, I want to help you get to know some of your favorite authors personally. Click on one of...

What is it about holding one in your hands?

What is it about holding one in your hands?

No matter how technologically advanced the world gets, nothing makes my heart sing more than holding a book in my hands. I tend to collect my favorite authors and add them to my library. Right now, I’m working on completing my set of Francine Rivers. How about you?...

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