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The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Tucked away in Northwestern Pennsylvania, resides a small group of Amish that calls Lawrence County their home.  Along the winding country roads, etched with well-worn buggy tracks, are families that hold the values of God, Family, and Community deep in tradition. Among them, are ten women whose lives intertwine in this quiet Pennsylvania town.

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Amish Recipes

Amish Recipes

What is it about a good old-fashion Amish recipe? Around my house comfort comes in the form of good food. Just about as much as I love to write I love to bake, and nothing makes me happier than finding an Amish recipe to try. Join me here as I publish some of my favorite Amish recipes for you to try.

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Short Stories

Amish Short Stories

A friend of mine, Jim Fisher has so graciously allowed me to use his photography for inspiration. If you love to immerse yourself into an Amish story you’ll love the collection of Amish Short Stories I write using Jim’s pictures as a starting point. Many of the characters in the short stories find their way into my books.

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Step into the Picturesque Life of the Amish

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Handmade Amish Baskets – Millersburg, Indiana

Handwoven Amish Made Natural Reed Baskets We do a lot of traveling, and I'll be the first to admit I'd much rather travel the backroads of Amish Country than the traffic-filled streets of big cities.  You would think with all of our travelings I would learn to like...

Mary’s Old-Fashioned Amish Rice Pudding

Standing at the stove, stirring the rice she had simmering over a pot of boiling water, Mary Bricker wiped her cheek on her sleeve, pushing away a tear that slipped down her cheek. It had been three months since her husband of forty years slipped away from her in his sleep.

Amish Country Tour – Cashton & Tomah Wisconsin

Among the marshlands filled with cranberries in central Wisconsin live over two hundred Amish families who call Monroe County home. A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of taking a ride through the backroads of this Amish community.

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Stories that put an emphasis on God, Family, and Community.