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Secrets of Willow Springs

Secrets of Willow Springs Emma Byler’s life will never be the same when a secret from the past comes to change her life forever.  Will she be able to forgive her parents and move on with her life?  If you would like to meet Emma and the characters of Willow Springs click below to read the first chapter of this exciting new Amish fiction novel.

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Amish Recipes

Amish Recipes

What is it about a good old-fashion Amish recipe? Around my house comfort comes in the form of good food. Just about as much as I love to write I love to bake, and nothing makes me happier than finding an Amish recipe to try. Join me here as I publish some of my favorite Amish recipes for you to try.

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Short Stories

Amish Short Stories

A friend of mine, Jim Fisher has so graciously allowed me to use his photography for inspiration. If you love to immerse yourself into an Amish story you’ll love the collection of Amish Short Stories I write using Jim’s pictures as a starting point. Many of the characters in the short stories find their way into my books.

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The Thankful Heart of a Child

I’ll be the first to admit that I can get so caught up in my troubles that I forget to have a thankful heart.  I would say it’s only human to want to think our problems are always more important than anyone else’s. Just the other day I passed our local strawberry farm...

Be Still – An Amish Devotional

Sarah turned her face to the sun as a leaf fluttered across her nose reminding her that fall had arrived.  It had been unusually warm, and the crisp air was a refreshing change.  The soothing sound of water rushing over the rocky creek helped drown out the empty...

An Inside Look at an Amish Wedding

We typically think of wedding season as being spring and summer but to the Amish fall ushers in the beginning of the marriage season. With basements filled with bountiful canning jars and silos bursting with winter feed the harvest season comes to an end as the...

Step into the Picturesque Life of the Amish

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I love reading your blogs. It is a reminder to me that life is short. Most things in life that we strive for will be forgotten once achieved, but kindness, time spent with family will leave a legacy that will live on for generations.

Barbara Miller

Stories that put an emphasis on God, Family, and Community.