Willow Springs, PA
New Order Fellowship

June 20, 2022 – Greetings on this last Monday of June! The rain is barrelling down this morning, leaving little streams maneuvering through the yard. It promises a muggy day once the sun comes out, making it perfect for sinking my toes into the moist grass. Some things never change, no matter how old I get.

We enjoyed lettuce out of the garden yesterday, and I need to pick the rhubarb this week. Samuel is hinting about a pie. Wild blackberries are in bloom. It won’t be long until jam is simmering on the stove. A sure sign of summer with Eli Brickers and Daniel Millers baling hay last week. Am thinking they are thankful for those dry bales making their way to the barn before the rain.

      This year’s Benefit Auction (Mud Sale) was met with sunny skies and warm temperatures on the first Saturday in June. From plants and tools to quilts and an array of yummy baked goods, everyone was sure to leave with something. The house seems rather empty today after my mother and her family have gone back to Sugarcreek. It was nice to have them visit to attend the auction with us. They were anxious to return home after a series of storms made their way through Holmes County last week.

      We were blessed with many visitors yesterday at church. Joseph Millers had family from Spartansburg, PA, and a group of teenagers came from neighboring Willow Brook. It was good to see full benches and eager voices praising Jesus. Simon Kauffman led a song service after lunch.

      Henry Schrocks’ nephew, eleven, from LaGrange, Indiana, learned a valuable lesson about an un-shoed pony and wet blacktop. The little farmer took an early morning ride after a night of rain and found himself under the weight of the pony …with a broken leg. Looks like his summer break will include a pair of crutches. While dad is anxious for him to get back to work outside, mom is happy with the extra pair of hands shucking peas and stemming strawberries.

Until next month,
“A dew drop does the will of God as much as a thunderstorm does.”
Emma Yoder 

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