For a bit of fun, I asked Emma if she would be willing to become Willow Springs resident Scribe …and she agreed. I hope you enjoy her first entry.

Willow Springs, PA
New Order Fellowship

May 10, 2022 – We’ve been blessed with beautiful weather. It was 80 on Sunday. The smell of freshly mowed lawns is a welcome aroma after the spring mud. The dandelions are blooming, and I saw Teena and Lizzie Fisher picking like crazy last week. I bet they are preparing to make another batch of dandelion salve. Which will be a welcome sign for all the sore and tired muscles the garden season produces. A sure sign of spring! Eli Bricker’s pastures are full of lambs. What a joy to watch them frolicking in the grass.

Henry Schrocks were the host for church this past Sunday, and Matthew Bylers on the 22nd. Hannah Fisher from Tomah, Wisconsin, was in the area visiting her sister Maggie Schrock for the past week. I’m sure Maggie welcomed the extra pair of hands for a few days.

Last week Levi Yoders and Daniel Millers returned from a short visit to Pinecraft, Florida. The same week Ruben Rabers left to visit Allie’s parents in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Many trips and many homecomings to report. Two lost souls have returned home, and many praises need to be sung. Simon Kauffman and Joseph Wagler return to Willow Springs. God always answers prayers.

Since the New Order Fellowship’s formation, many changes have occurred in our little community. Henry Schrock has been appointed bishop, and Samuel Yoder and Eli Bricker, are ministers. The love of Jesus abounds throughout.

Katie Miller and I have changed the name of our bakery to Yoder’s Bakery – Amish Bread & Pies. The tourist season is upon us, and we are thankful for empty shelves each afternoon. Also, Noah Miller & Sons Harness Shop has reopened after a stove fire shut them down for the last few months. And finally, Yoder’s Strawberry Acres is gearing up for some of the sweetest berries on this side of Willow Creek.

Much to celebrate as the school session is almost done for the term. Scholars have already hidden their shoes and lunch bags just in time for their annual picnic on Thursday. The schoolhouse will be empty until September. Hopefully, the school board will find a new teacher to fill Edna Graber’s shoes by then.

Our favorite Amish Fiction Author, Tracy Fredrychowski, will be coming to the Grove City Mall in Grove City, PA on May 28, from 12-4, at the Book Warehouse. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already reserved a spot in my driver’s calendar to attend. I want to pick up a couple of her newest books. Emma’s Amish Faith Tested and Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored. I’m tickled that she named the first and second book in her new series after Rebecca and me. 

Until next month
“The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up!”
Emma Yoder

Picture by Jim Fisher, used with permission.