Sarah turned her face to the sun as a leaf fluttered across her nose reminding her that fall had arrived.  It had been unusually warm, and the crisp air was a refreshing change.  The soothing sound of water rushing over the rocky creek helped drown out the empty feeling she’d been having all morning.

Lately, God seemed far away but sitting on the banks of Willow Creek behind her father’s sawmill she felt His presence.  The sound of the water echoing off the water wheel and the sun bouncing off the trees gave her a warmth she hadn’t felt in weeks.  She knew this was the one place she could be alone and have a talk with God. Her sister Suzy was the only other person that shared her spot and she no longer needed it.

Feeling weak in the knees she dropped to the ground and cried out to God. “Lord, why did you take Suzy from me, why Lord I don’t understand? How am I ever going to go on without her? I just miss her so.  First Mamm and now Suzy, why Gott why? Datt has lost interest in everything, and it’s all I can do to keep the sawmill running. The bills are piling up, and he won’t ask for help. Please, Gott, show me what I’m to do.  He wants me to go to Sugarcreek to help care for Suzy’s children, but I can’t leave him now he’ll lose everything. Help me have the patience to know this is all part of your plan and even though I don’t understand why please help me do what is right.”

Be Still: An Amish Devotional

Pulling her legs up to her chest she laid her head between her knees and just waited for Gott to answer.  She knew if she sat still long enough something would come to her mind.  A thought, an idea, a feeling something that would give her the answers she longed for. She heard the clip-clop of a buggy slowing down and coming to a stop at the mill. She didn’t move from her spot that was well hidden behind the shadow of an old willow tree. Raising her head long enough to be certain its slender branches had her spot concealed, she watched as the wind made the tree dance before her.

As she watched the branches sway in the wind, she felt a warm breeze surround her like a hug. And there it was the answer she had been waiting for.  A verse she had read from her daily devotional just the other day.

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times. Romans 12:12

At that very moment, she knew why she’d felt drawn to her favorite spot that day.,  Gott was trying to get her to sit still long enough to hear His voice and to remind her that He was with.  As she was getting up to make her way back to the house, she heard her mamm’s voice. “Be still and wait on Gott, He will always, show you the way.”

Answering out loud even though no one could hear her she said. “Joyful, Patient, Pray. Those are my words for the day. I know Gott you have plans for me even though I don’t understand them. I will try to be joyful; I will work on having the patience to wait on you, and I will pray without ceasing. Thank you, Lord, for being with me today. ”

Photo by Jim Fisher