Buggy Talk Podcast Episodes

If you love Amish Fiction, then come discover your next book with Tracy Fredrychowski as she talks with some of your favorite Amish Fiction Authors. Each week she’ll give you the story behind the stories and a peek into each author’s writing career.

Episode 53 –Mary Alford – Among the Innocent
Episode 51 – Laurie Strop Smith – Pockets of Peace
Adina Senft – The Amish Cowboy's Bride
Debra Torres Forbidden Truth
Episode 48 –Lenora Worth – Secrets in an Amish Garden
Episode 47 –Debby Giusti – Smugglers in Amish Country
Episode 46 –Shelley Shepard Gray – Edgewater Road
Debby Giusti
Ashley Emma
Episode 43 –MindySteele – The Butterfly Box
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Jennifer Spredemann – Her Amish Identity
Laurel Blount – Strength in the Storm
Episode # 39 Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Shelley Shepard Gray - An Amish Quilting Bee
Episode 38 – Kate Lloyd – A Lancaster Family Christmas
Episode 36 – Tracy Fredrychowski – Emma’s Amish Faith Tested
Episode 35 – Loree Lough – Christmas at the Amish Bakeshop
Episode 34 –MindySteele – Christmas Grace
More Amish Christmas Miracles
Episode 33 – Jennifer Beckstrand – First Christmas on Huckleberry Hill
Episode 31 – Sara Harris – Rebekah's Cradle
Episode 26 –Laura Bradford – Her New Story
Episode 29 – Ashley Emma – Princess and the Amish Pauper
Episode 28 – Molly Jebber – Maryann’s Hope
Episode 27 –Thomas Nye – Samson & Amish Delilah
Episode 26 –Jennifer Spredemann – The Widower
Episode 25 – Rachel J. Good – An Unexpected Amish Courtship
Episode 24 – Amy Clipston – An Amish Schoolroom
Episode #23
Episode 23 – Kelly Irvin – Love’s Dwelling
Episode 21 – Murray Pura – A Road Called Love
Episode 20 – Debra Torres – Forbidden Gift
Amy Clipston
Serena Miller
Sara Harris
Lenora Worth
Episode 15 Patrick Craig
Tracy Fredrychowski - The Secrets of Willow Springs
Episode 12 Laura Bradford
episode 10-rachel j good
Buggy Talk Episode 7 Adina Sneft
episode 5 Molly Jebber
Laurie Stroup Smith Episode #4
Episode #2 Jennifer Beckstrand
Buggy Talk - Episode #1

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