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Episode 38 – Kate Lloyd – A Lancaster Family Christmas

Kate Lloyd – A Lancaster Family Christmas

What starts as a getaway to Amish Country could turn into the Christmas that changes Diana’s life forever, if only she opens her heart.

Diana can’t face another lonely Christmas in her Manhattan apartment. When a coworker invites her on a last-minute trip to visit her Mennonite family in Lancaster County, Diana jumps at the chance.

Episode 36 – Tracy Fredrychowski – Emma’s Amish Faith Tested

Tracy Fredrychowski – Emma’s Amish Faith Tested

Her trust in the Lord has been tested beyond all strength. Can this grieving believer reclaim the way back to enlightenment? 

Emma Yoder is struggling to cope. While the young Amish mother is devastated after her only child dies in the womb, she and her husband gain little comfort from the Old Order’s rigid ways. And whispers among her people lead her to suspect the truth has been concealed from her for years.

Episode 35 – Loree Lough – Christmas at the Amish Bakeshop

Loree Lough – Christmas at the Amish Bakeshop

USA Today bestselling authors Shelley Shepard Gray, Rachel J. Good, and Loree Lough celebrate the spirit of the season, the warmth of simple traditions, and of course, the joy of holiday treats, with this faith-affirming collection of three connected holiday novellas about the Christmas surprises in store for those who work and shop at a charming Amish bakery.

Episode 34 –MindySteele – Christmas Grace

Mindy Steele – Christmas Grace

Grace Miller believed herself in love with the charming Englischer who eventually broke her heart. Now alone except for the secret life growing inside her, she arrives in the unfamiliar small village of Walnut Ridge, Kentucky, to hide and hopefully gain forgiveness.

She is pleasantly surprised, however, to find a tight-knit, welcoming group who help her heart grow right alongside her belly. 

More Amish Christmas Miracles

Jennifer Beckstrand – More Amish Christmas Miracles

Discover more miracles in Amish country!Curl up in front of the fire, wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket, and treat yourself to this collection of romantic Christmas stories by some of your favorite Amish fiction authors. Whether it’s a snowy lane in the moonlight, a sleigh ride across the glistening snow, or a cozy Christmas celebration next to a crackling fire, you’ll find yourself falling in love and believing in Christmas miracles.

First Christmas on Huckleberry Hill

Jennifer Beckstrand – First Christmas on Huckleberry Hill

She can’t cook, sew, sing, or clean. And no matter how hard young Anna Yoder tries, she’d much rather help people in trouble than be a well-behaved pretty face and properly perfect Amish maidel. So she instantly reaches out to her old schoolmate, Felty Helmuth, when their Amish town ostracizes him for his Korean War army service. He’s still the only one who’s ever understood Anna—and liked everything from her green Jello carrot salads to her love of books. And this holiday season, she can’t help hoping that somehow she and Felty can find a way to be the perfect match . . .

Episode 31 – Sara Harris – Rebekah's Cradle

Sara Harris  – Rebekah’s Cradle

Rebekah and Joseph are enjoying married life when a letter, addressed only to Joseph, arrives from Katie, telling of her pregnancy. Soon after, Rebekah learns that she, too, is with child; however, her difficult pregnancy is nothing like Katie’s idyllic one.

Tensions between Rebekah and her husband grow when she learns Joseph is keeping the correspondence going without her knowledge. Rebekah begins to lose faith in her marriage, and by the time her sickly father, Samuel, presents her with an heirloom cradle, she wonders if hers will be the only hands rocking it.

Episode 26 –Laura Bradford – Her New Story

Laura Bradford  – Her New Story

Tess Baker thought she had the perfect everything–until her best friend, and (now ex) husband, betrayed her, leaving her with nothing, except her career as an investigative reporter. In her work for a leading magazine, Tess can lose herself in whatever story she’s chasing. So she’s devastated when her next assignment is far from the exciting location or action-packed quest she anticipated.

Episode 29 – Ashley Emma – Princess and the Amish Pauper

Ashley Emma  – The Princess and the Amish Pauper

Arabella and Damaris look like identical twins, but their lives couldn’t be more different. One is an heiress from Germany who is about to inherit a multi-million-dollar bakery, and one is an Amish baker from Maine.
What happens when they secretly switch places?

Episode 28 – Molly Jebber – Maryann’s Hope

Molly Jebber  – Maryann’s Hope

Secrets devastated Maryann Harding’s marriage to an Englischer—and took away her untrustworthy husband. Now the young Amish widow has found contentment cooking up treats at the bakery, raising her little girl, and comforting her ailing mother. And when Andrew Wittmer asks her to marry him, Maryann is over the moon with happiness that she and the kind furniture maker will put down roots in her hometown . . .

Episode 27 –Thomas Nye – Samson & Amish Delilah

Thomas Nye – Samson & Amish Delilah

Delilah steps out of the pages of a bestselling Amish novel and into the real world. When media giants discover that she’s alive and well, the race to find her is on. A young man named Dave sets out with inside information, hoping to get to her first and cash in. He’s as surprised as everybody that there’s more than one Amish Delilah—how can he be sure that he’s found the right girl?

Episode 26 –Jennifer Spredemann – The Widower

Jennifer Spredemann – The Widower

Emily Miller loves tending her garden and roadside stand, but she admits her love life is dull. While she’s ridden home from singings with several young men from her community, none of them fulfills the image her mind’s eye conjures up. She wants a man who is not only kind and hardworking, but responsible and loves children. So, when shy widower Titus Troyer shows up at her roadside stand with his adorable kinner, something tugs at her heart.

Episode 25 – Rachel J. Good – An Unexpected Amish Courtship

Rachel J. Good – An Unexpected Amish Courtship

Jilted by her first love, Sovilla Mast fled her hometown to live in Pennsylvania with an aunt she’s never met. Only after she arrives does she realize that the cantankerous woman has left the faith and alienated everyone around her. To take her mind off her sadness, Sovilla turns to baking homemade pet food and treats to sell at the Valley Green Farmer’s Market. It’s there she meets dog breeder Isaac Lantz . . .

Episode 24 – Amy Clipston – An Amish Schoolroom

Amy Clipston – An Amish Schoolroom

Adventurous Laurel Weaver leaves Pennsylvania to answer a newspaper ad for a teaching position in Colorado. She stays with handsome Glen Troyer’s family, and they become close. However, she never intended to stay in Colorado, and his family doesn’t approve of her outgoing ways. Now she can’t bear to think of leaving Glen and her beloved students, but she’s beginning to feel like she’s out of options. Will Laurel and Glen push through the obstacles and fight for love? 

Episode #23

Laurie Stroup Smith – Pockets of Purpose

Two years after exchanging her first love letters with Gideon Petersheim, Dixie Yoder tucks his notes into her pocket quilt and travels from Pinecraft to Holmes County, hopeful for a future together. Their relationship blossoms until the auctioneer has surgery to remove a cyst from his vocal cords. 

Episode 23 – Kelly Irvin – Love’s Dwelling

Kelly Irvin – Love’s Dwelling

Young Cassie Weaver only wants what is expected of an Amish woman: a good Amish husband and a large family. But she’s happy as Job and Dinah Keim’s housekeeper, helping Dinah, who is losing her sight due to diabetes. For two decades the Keims have prayed for the salvation of their two children who left the community in a cloud of shame and mystery. 

Episode 21 – Murray Pura – A Road Called Love

Murray Pura – A Road Called Love

Michal Troyer has been on Rumspringa for the last two years. She’s free to explore the forbidden, worldly Englishe ways before she is baptized as an Amish woman and free to marry. So why isn’t she ready? Her friend Milwaukee – who, in her heart, might just be more than a friend – calls Michal his “wild Amish girl!”

Episode 20 – Debra Torres – Forbidden Gift

Debra Torres – Forbidden Gift

Johanna Yoder is Amish. Forbidden from writing by her Bishop. But she can’t keep the words from pouring out, and when she’s found out she faces an ultimatum that will crush her, no matter which path she chooses. And when Johanna discovers a secret that could tear her family and entire community apart, she must make a choice that could turn her Amish district upside down.

Amy Clipston

Amy Clipston – An Amish Singing

Amy’s Amish series includes the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series and the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series. Her books have achieved the Christian Fiction bestseller lists, including the CBA (Christian Book Association) bestseller list and the ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) bestseller list. Amy signed with the Seymour Agency in 2006 and states her dreams came true in 2007 when she sold her first book, A Gift of Grace.

Serena Miller

Serena B. Miller – Amish Christmas Miracles Collection

Serena is best known for her novel made for movie Love Finds You In Sugarcreek and Uncommon Grace. Since then, she has published many more books and won numerous awards, including Romance Writer’s of America RITA award for The Measure of Katie Calloway, American Christian Fiction Writer’s CAROL award for A Promise To Love, and her Under A Blackberry Moon was a finalist in the CHRISTY awards.

Sara Harris

Sara Harris – Rebekah’s Quilt

Sara Harris, Sara has written novels for publication since 2011. She has won awards in the genres of Historical Romance, Amish Romance, Medieval Historical, Children’s Fiction, and Children’s Nonfiction. She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in Medieval History, is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Lenora Worth

Lenora Worth – Seeking Refuge

Lenora is a USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling writer and a 2019 Rita Finalist. With eighty-plus books and novellas published and millions in print, she enjoys adventures with her retired husband, Don, and loves to read, bake and shop.

Episode 15 Patrick Craig

Patrick E. Craig – Far on Ringing Plains

Amazon Best-selling author, Patrick E. Craig, is a lifelong writer and musician who left a successful performance career in 1986 to become a pastor. After pastoring, teaching, and speaking at seminars in churches on the west coast for many years, he retired in 2007 to concentrate on writing and publishing fiction books.

Tracy Fredrychowski - The Secrets of Willow Springs

Tracy Fredrychowski – Secrets of Willow Springs

Tracy’s spent the last ten years as a ghostwriter for many popular blogs and websites across the Internet and is best known for her simple living articles in the Simple Living Magazine. Growing up in Northwestern Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, Tracy takes her childhood experience with her Amish neighbors to heart as she takes her readers to the fictitious town of Willow Springs.

episode 13-tracy fredrychowski

Tracy Fredrychowski – Amish Christmas Miracles

Tracy’s spent the last ten years as a ghostwriter for many popular blogs and websites across the Internet and is best known for her simple living articles in the Simple Living Magazine. Growing up in Northwestern Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, Tracy takes her childhood experience with her Amish neighbors to heart as she takes her readers to the fictitious town of Willow Springs.

Episode 12 Laura Bradford

Laura Bradford – Piece by Piece

Laura Bradford, a National Bestselling Author of more than 35 books. Her latest titles include; the women’s fiction novel, Piece by Piece, and the cozy mystery, A Killer Carol. Her first women’s fiction novel, Portrait of a Sister, was a July 2018 Book Club Pick for Delilah of Delilah Radio and a Summer Book Club pick for Southern Lady Magazine.


Loree Lough – Amish Christmas Twins

Loree Lough has more than 120 books in print now (and more than 10 million copies in circulation), including fiction and non-fiction for kids and adults. Seven of her novels have been optioned for movies, and additional releases will hit the shelves between now and 2021.

episode 10-rachel j good

Rachel J. Good – His Pretend Amish Bride

Inspirational author, Rachel J. Good grew up near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the setting for her Amish romances, and she frequently visits Amish friends, who help to ensure the accuracy of her novels. She is the author of more than 2300 articles and 50 books in print.


Jennifer Spredemann, Amish Bride Series

Jennifer Spredemann seeks to pen compelling stories that captivate readers and bring glory to GOD. She has authored over two dozen Amish fiction titles in her can’t-put-down writing style, three of which have won awards.


Tracy Fredrychowski – Love Blooms at the Apple Blossom

A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, Tracy Fredrychowski writes Amish fiction that emphasizes God, family, and community. Starting her writing career as a ghostwriter for some of the leading blogs and magazines across the country, her current series “Love Blooms at the Apple Blossom Inn” is just a taste of the sweet, clean and wholesome stories she enjoys writing.

Buggy Talk Episode 7 Adina Sneft

Adina Senft – The Tempted Soul

RWA’s RITA Award Author, Adina Senft joins us this week to introduce us to her latest release, The Tempted Soul. Adina is a best-selling author who writes she writes steampunk and contemporary romance as Shelley Adina; and as Charlotte Henry, writes classic Regency romance.



Dana Lynn – Plain Refuge

Love Inspired Suspense Author, Dana Lynn joins us this week to introduce us to her latest release, Plain Refuge. Dana is a best-selling author who writes as a way to minister to people through her stories. Join us as she gives us a peek into her contribution to the Amish Christmas Miracles Collection along with her other projects.

episode 5 Molly Jebber

Molly Jebber – Amish Charm Bakery Series

If you’ve not met Molly Jebber in person, this is your chance to listen to this delightful Amish Fiction Author as she introduces us to her Amish Charm Bakery Series. She takes us behind the scenes of her writing journey and the characters that hold a special place in her heart.  

Laurie Stroup Smith Episode #4

Laurie Stroup Smith – Pockets of Promise

Meet new Amish Fiction Author, Laurie Stroup Smith as she introduces us to her Pocket Quilt Series, Pocket of Promise. Laurie takes us behind the scenes of getting her very first book published and lets us in on some new projects she has in the works.

Episode #3 - Bugy Talk with Murray Pura

Murray Pura – The Amish Menorah and Other Stories

Join us in this week’s episode of Buggy Talk, as Murray Pura introduces us to his latest project with the Men of Amish Fiction. With a different spin on the typical Amish romance novel, Murray shares with us how he and the other male authors of this collection aimed to deliver a collection of stories that would appeal to both male and female readers. 

Episode #2 Jennifer Beckstrand

Jennifer Beckstrand – Amish Christmas Miracles

Join us in this week’s episode of Buggy Talk, as Jennifer Beckstrand introduces us to the Amish Christmas Miracles Collection. In this collection of Christmas love stories, fourteen Amish fiction authors come together to create a Christmas book you won’t want to miss.

Buggy Talk - Episode #1

The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Amish? Would you like to take a peek into their private community?  Join me as I take you for a walk through a day in the lives of ten Amish women from Willow Springs in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. 

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