Nestled in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania lies a special place close to my heart: an Old Order Amish settlement in Lawrence County. This area, home to the second-largest Amish community in Pennsylvania, is a haven of serenity and simplicity known as the Byler settlement. You know you’ve arrived when jeans and T-shirts give way to straw hats and blue dresses.

Amish of Lawrence County

Every year, I make a trip back to this part of the country, a place I consider home, to reconnect with a simpler way of life. The Old Order Amish community here has deep roots, settling around 1847. Today, nearly 2,500 Amish residents live across New Wilmington, Volant, and New Castle.

Amish of Lawrence County

While farming was once the primary way families supported themselves, many cottage businesses have now flourished. These businesses, from greenhouses to furniture makers, warmly welcome English patrons. You can find almost anything you need in this quaint town.

I enjoy nothing more than getting lost on the back roads of this peaceful community. With blue doors, windmills, and green pastures, there’s no better way to enjoy a country ride than exploring the twists and turns of Lawrence County.

Amish of Lawrence County

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know many Amish families in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These relationships have profoundly changed my life, teaching me to find peace even when the world tries to dictate how we should live. They are always generous with smiles and friendly conversation, and I cherish my time with them.

We could all benefit from incorporating a little more Amish simplicity into our lives.

If you visit Lawrence County, I encourage you to get off the beaten path and discover a part of the world oozing in brown-capped buggies. However, please remember to be mindful of taking pictures of Amish faces.

Amish of Lawrence County

Here are a few of my favorite stops in Lawrence County.

Anna’s Bake Goods and Donuts – 642 Wilson Road, New Castle, PA

Riverside Rustic Furniture – 2634 Cotton Road, New Wilmington, PA

Pine Hill Greenhouse – 4863 Old Mercer Road, Volant, PA

J&M Greenhouse – 261 Cannery Road, New Wilmington, PA

Byler’s Grocery Store – 581 Fayette Neshannock Falls Road, Volant, PA

H&N Polywood – 260 Mast Lane – Off State Route 208, New Wilmington, PA

Byler’s Quilt Shop – 423 Quilt Shop Lane – Off State Highway 208, Volant, PA

Hostetler’s Second Hand Store – 11 Whispering Oak Lane – Off Means Road, New Wilmington, PA

Valley View Fabric & Crafts – 2284 State Route 208, New Wilmington, PA

Apple Castle – 277 State Route 18, New Wilmington, PA

Volant Mills – 550 Main Street, Volant, PA

The Cheese House – 3356 State Route 208, New Wilmington, PA

Amish of Lawrence County