Emma - The AMish Women of Lawrence County


The Amish Women of Lawrence County: Book 1

Author: Tracy Fredrychowski
Series: The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Publisher: The Tracer Group, LLC
Releases: November 16, 2021

When tragedy strikes, will this young Amish couple be able to overcome one of life’s most challenging circumstances?

Loss, depression, and pain face Samuel and Emma Yoder as they maneuver their way through their first year of marriage.

When a secret becomes too much to bear, Samuel pulls away from his bride, looking for comfort in all the wrong places. Will he be able to admit to Emma what he’s done, or will he choose to leave his Amish family in hopes of escaping the pain.

Depressed and alone, Emma feels Samuel’s distance and blames herself for their misfortune. Will she be able to look to the Lord for guidance and show Samuel the path to God’s faithful love?

Young love is tested in this first book of The Amish Women of Lawrence County Series.

Read how this Old Order Amish couple come to know God’s healing power in this Christian book by Amish Fiction Author Tracy Fredrychowski.