In the heart of Northwestern Pennsylvania, a quaint community lives out traditions steeped in faith, family, and community. The “Amish Women of Lawrence County” series, set against this backdrop, unfolds the touching stories of ten Amish women. Here, I’ll delve into the first six books, each a window into these women’s struggles, faith, and heart.

Book 1: Emma’s Amish Faith Tested

Emma Yoder’s faith is deeply shaken by personal tragedy. After the devastating loss of her child and the discovery of secrets within her community, Emma battles with her faith. Her journey toward healing and forgiveness is a testament to the power of renewed faith in overcoming life’s harshest trials. Emma’s story is a profound beginning to the series, exploring the themes of loss, truth, and the search for spiritual enlightenment.


Book 2: Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored

Rebecca Byler wrestles with guilt and secrets that threaten to keep her from happiness. When Rebecca meets Eli Bricker, she confronts her past and the pain she’s been hiding. Aided by an unexpected friendship with Eli’s grandmother and revelations from her mother’s letter, Rebecca’s heart gradually heals. Her journey emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and the transformative power of love within the Amish belief system.


Book 3: Anna’s Amish Fears Revealed

Anna Byler is paralyzed by anxiety and fear after significant changes in her personal life, including the departure and unexpected return of Simon Kauffman. Her faith is tested as she seeks to understand God’s will and find peace amidst turmoil. Anna’s story is one of confronting fears and finding strength in faith, illustrating the community’s role in providing support and understanding during times of doubt.


Book 4: Barbara’s Amish Truth Exposed

Barbara Wagler deals with the immense shame of a past mistake following her husband’s tragic death. Her story is complicated by the return of an old flame and the interests of a new man, which stirs old feelings and new conflicts. Barbara’s journey to honesty and acceptance is a compelling narrative about overcoming past mistakes and seeking redemption through truth and faith.


Book 5: Allie’s Amish Family Miracle

Allie Mast, caught between her Mennonite background and her new Amish family, struggles with acceptance and love in a community that views her as an outsider. Her relationship with Reuben Raber highlights the tensions that arise from differing beliefs and traditions within closely-knit communities. Allie’s story is one of love’s enduring power to bridge divides and heal familial wounds.

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Book 6: Savannah’s Amish Ties That Bind (Releasing September 2024)

Savannah Carmicheal, from Charleston, finds herself in Northwestern Pennsylvania, unraveling a hidden connection to the Amish through her family’s secrets. Her story, paired with Neal Zook’s struggle between his Amish roots and a life elsewhere, illustrates the profound impact of heritage and faith on personal identity and choices. Their narrative is set to explore the complexities of faith, love, and legacy in maintaining one’s ties to family and community traditions.

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The “Amish Women of Lawrence County” series offers a rich narrative that reflects the core values of the Amish lifestyle—faith, forgiveness, and community. Through the lives of Emma, Rebecca, Anna, Barbara, Allie, and soon Savannah, readers gain insight into the challenges and beauties of living a life rooted in deep spiritual traditions. Each book not only entertains but also inspires, inviting us to reflect on our values and the ways in which we navigate our own lives. Join me as we await the release of the sixth book, ready to discover how Savannah’s journey unfolds within the Old Order Amish community.