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Episode 50 – Adina Senft – The Amish Cowboy's Bride

How can you dream about a man you’ve never met?

Rebecca Miller is the shy twin, the thoughtful twin … the invisible twin next to her vibrant sister Malena. She’s content to dream of a man she saw at a distance the previous summer—until one stormy winter night when she rescues an unconscious accident victim and recognizes him instantly as the same man.

Noah King and his family arrive at the hospital to find his brother Andrew in a coma and a young Amish woman by his bed, holding his hand. They know he’s in love with someone, but his Rumpringe has been so wild they never dreamed it would be an Amish girl. With huge relief, they welcome her instantly as a future member of the family. At least, his parents do. Noah can’t help but feel that this quiet girl is far too good for his handsome, restless brother. As she spends time with his family, she comes to embody everything Noah dreams of in a woman … but now can never have.

The Miller family on the Circle M did not see this coming. Rebecca engaged to one of the King boys from Colorado? How did this happen? And when Andrew finally wakes up and has no memory of her, the only person who knows it’s not amnesia is Rebecca. With Andrew believing they’re engaged, too, she could have everything she ever wanted simply by saying nothing. But the more she comes to know Noah, the more she realizes she might have been weaving her dreams around the wrong man …

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