Buggy Talk Podcast
Buggy Talk Podcast
Episode 44 – Ashley Emma – Amish Accident

While driving through Amish country in Unity, Maine, Freya Wilson accidentally hits an Amish man with her car in a blizzard, instantly killing him.

Panicked, she leaves him there in the road and drives away, afraid that if she is arrested, her violent ex will locate her using his connections with the police…and kill her.

Adam Lapp left the Amish after his brother’s death and became a police officer for one main reason: to track down the person who killed his brother and left him to die. In his mind, he imagined a cold-hearted, mean drunkard with cigarette breath–not a beautiful, kind, mysterious red-headed woman.

He is instantly drawn to Freya, who is clearly on the run from someone. When she confesses to accidentally killing his brother Robert, he wants to hate her. He should want to arrest her and haul her to jail. After all, she’s the person he’s been trying to track down.

The community welcomes Freya into their lives, but not everyone in town is so eager to forgive Freya for killing one of their own.

Adam shouldn’t fall in love with the woman who killed his brother…but he does. He couldn’t protect his brother, but will he be able to protect Freya when her worst nightmare threatens her life?

Amish Accident is book 6 in the Covert Police Detectives Series. It is a standalone novel with a happily ever after.

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