Buggy Talk Podcast
Buggy Talk Podcast
Episode 74 – Tricia Goyer – Beyond the Gray Mountains - Amish Big Sky Series

Marianna Sommer always dreamed of a simple Amish wedding, but there’s nothing simple about marrying rock star Ben Stone. Marianna struggles with trying to embrace new things while also longing for the traditions of her past. Yet wedding planning becomes the least of Marianna’s worries when the man she loves discusses putting their wedding on hold. Will Ben’s past regrets and worries for Marianna push them apart?

When Marianna’s father, Abe, insists on taking Ben to the mountains to “hear from God,” Ben has no grand illusions that an outfitting trip will provide any answers. As trouble finds them high on the continental divide, Ben must turn to God for survival. It’ll take a miracle for Ben, Abe, and Abe’s brother, Ike, to make it down alive.

The media is alerted when a runaway horse with blood on the saddle shows up near the trailhead, and Marianna’s worst fears come true. Will she lose her uncle, her father, or Ben? Suddenly wedding worries pale to her more significant concerns—having three men she loves come home alive.

As Marianna spends time with Ben’s music manager, she discovers a part of Ben she didn’t know before. Will Marianna be brave enough to step out of her comfort zone to help the man she loves? Or will she allow her fears to cause her to miss out on a future more wonderful than she’d ever dreamed of?

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