Buggy Talk Podcast
Buggy Talk Podcast
Episode 77 – Christen Krumm – On the Golden Cliffs

Lyla Taylor has built a social media empire around her Ruby Rose brand. Yet, one wrong post causes her carefully constructed world to collapse. With no other options, Lyla agrees to a six-week reset in rural Montana in what she believes will be a high-end spa. Lyla couldn’t have been more wrong. When her first night on the Milner farm is interrupted by unwelcome guests of the raccoon variety, Lyla is ready to throw in the towel and head back to civilization.

Amishman Reuben Milner may crumble if one more thing is added to his to-do list. After the passing of his dat, Reuben has stepped up to be the man of the family. Reuben has no time to rest with his mem and four sisters still living at home. Not to mention, his secret career as a novelist isn’t exactly in line with a devoted Amish lifestyle.

Reuben doesn’t see any way out of his double life when the elders start pressuring him to join the church. And while the rental of their dawdy house brings in much-needed funds, it soon becomes evident that their high-maintenance guest will add to his workload and stir up fond affections that Reuben must squash down.

When the Milners need help sprucing up their rental, Lyla is quick to jump in, taking her mind off the problems she left behind. But the more Lyla works on the rental with Reuben, the more she wonders if her former life is worth returning to. Yet is it the simple life that Lyla’s heart longs for or a particular guarded Amishman with secrets of his own?

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