Buggy Talk
Episode #9 – Jennifer Spredemann

Jennifer Spredemann seeks to pen compelling stories that captivate readers and bring glory to GOD. She has authored over two dozen Amish fiction titles in her can’t-put-down writing style, three of which have won awards. She resides in Indiana Amish Country with her family on a former Amish farm where the documentary Breaking the Silence was filmed. “…Spredemann weaves a thread of love and intrigue into a quilt of faith and values.” – reader review 

The following transcript is a shortened version of the original recording.

Tracy:    Hey there. Welcome to another episode of Buggy Talk. I’m your host, Tracy Fredrychowski, where each week, I bring you the story behind the stories along with the storytellers. For this week’s episode, we have Jennifer Spredemann on board to talk about her latest Amish Country Bride Series, along with her part in the Amish Christmas Miracles Collections.

Good morning, Jennifer. How are you today?

Jennifer: I’m doing well. How are you, Tracy?

Tracy: I am doing wonderful. Thank you. And thank you so much for joining us. We have lots to talk about this morning. One being your part in the Amish Christmas Miracles Collection that we’re both so excited about. And what about the new series that you just launched. However, before we get started on talking about that, I have to ask you to go ahead and tell our listeners about the cool story you have about your house that you live in Indiana. 

Jennifer:   Okay. First of all, I want to say thank you, Tracy, for having me here today. And I hope our chat is a blessing to our readers. Okay. About my house. 

So, we started looking for houses in this area, and we saw this one house, and it was a white two-story house.  And it had a porch that went around the front and, Oh goodness. My dream was to have a house with a wraparound porch. You know, it’s just one of those things. And anyway, I’m like, man, that looks really like a big house that would fit our family because we had six kids. And so there’s eight of us all together. So a pretty large family for English. I was just, just going through all the photos and things. And I’m like, honey, I think this, this is an Amish house for sale. And, you know, I looked, I saw the clothesline and saw cows in the background and then implements and, you know, horse-drawn things and basically wheels that didn’t have rubber on them. And so I was, I was certain that it was probably an Amish home, but the listing did say that it had a bathroom, which it did not, it had out outhouse. 

So anyway, it was 17 acres, and I fell in love with the place, and I’m like, Oh Lord if there’s any way, this place is awesome. Actually, there were two different Amish homes that we looked at, but this was the one that I really liked. It had sold.

You know, we, we kept on going back and looking at this house because we just, we just fell in love with it, you know? Um, it reminded my husband, uh, uh, when he grew up, he grew up in Brazil, and it was like really there are trees everywhere. And it just reminded him so much of the atmosphere. We both wanted the property. I don’t know; God just worked it out to where it didn’t go through, the sale ended up not going through. I think it might’ve, might’ve sold like twice during that time they didn’t go through, and then the price dropped again, which was a blessing for us. And we ended up buying the place. Yeah. So that’s basically the story with our house.

Tracy: That is a God thing. It just has to be a God thing because you were meant to be in that house. Why else, would all those things line up like that.

Well, that is, that is really cool. And one more question about your house. I know that your house was included in a documentary about the Amish. And can you tell us quickly just tell us a little bit about the filming of that?

Jennifer: The documentary was called Breaking the Silence, my Amish story. And that was really a God thing too. There’s some friends of ours who are former Amish. Actually. He had left the Amish like a year, a year or two before we moved here. And so he was really new at, you know, being an English or he had, he had gotten married, his wife’s cousin was a filmmaker, and they were looking for a place to, to film an Amish documentary and they were looking for a home where they could do a church scene. The whole church scene was filmed in our house.

Well, I can imagine, you know, being an author that writes Amish fiction, I get excited when you talk about stuff like that, because I love to put myself in real life situations so that I can take in all of that. 

Tracy:  And what an experience that you can use as research for your own books. So, I have to ask a lot of people know that I grew up in an Amish community in Northwestern, Pennsylvania. I had Amish neighbors. I worked with them. I had friends, the whole nine yards. So when I was a little girl, I didn’t know that the Amish were anything different, and I didn’t know everyone didn’t have Amish neighbors. I have to ask you, what’s it like for you to live in an Amish community? 

Jennifer: Our neighbor is an Amish Bishop. Oh wow. It’s, it’s such a neat culture. And just the first time that, that my husband and I even visited this area, you know, I said that we had looked at two different houses. Well, when we looked at the house that we bought, we went over to our neighbor’s house. 

I saw that she had a sign out by the road that said Amish Dolls and Quilts. And so I thought, oh wow, I want to go and buy some dolls so I could use them for giveaway for my readers. So, we went there, and we met them and visited with them. While I was talking to the lady, she was really excited because we have sons, our youngest sons are, are similar in age. She said, “Oh, I would love to for you guys to move next door because they could be friends and, and of course they are, they’re very good friends, and they’re, they’re always doing stuff together. 

Tracy:  So let’s move on a little bit, I’d be interested to know if you always wanted to be a writer.

Jennifer: Okay. No, I did not. I have always enjoyed writing, writing as a career, kind of came as a surprise to me. And that was another one of those God things I basically got into it.

Tracy: I have to say, I have enjoyed your Bible stories series the most out of everything that you’ve written. So I thank you for those.

Let’s talk a little bit about your Amish Country Bride Series. Now you just, I think you have released three in that series so far. Is that right?

Jennifer: Three so far, I’m currently writing the fourth one.

Tracy: Is that, is it going to stop at the fourth one? Do you think are you going to go further? 

Jennifer: I have been toying with the idea of possibly adding a couple of more books to it. One or two. I’m not sure. So it originally was going to be four books, but I’ve got a really good response from my readers. So I think I, I might continue it if I, if God keeps giving me ideas for it, I’ll keep on writing.

Tracy: What do you hope your readers will take away from this series?

Jennifer: I’d say the recurring theme and the Amish Country Brides Series, which so far consists of The Trespasser, The Heartbreaker and The Charmer, and I’m working on The Drifter now is that God is always present and working in our lives, even though we can’t see him or understand what he’s doing.

Tracy: Oh, that is perfect. That is perfect. And I’ve read, I’m one of them, and I’m looking forward to reading the next ones as well. 

That takes us right into the Amish Christmas Miracles Collection. A lot of our listeners know that there are 14 authors writing a collection of Christmas Miracle Stories. How are you coming with your story?

Jennifer: My, my story is finished. It’s at my editor right now.

I think I’ve read everybody’s blurb and they just all sound phenomenal. Our readers are really going to get a treat, and especially if they pick up the book right now for 99 cents the ebook for preorder, because it will go up to, uh, I think it’s like $10 once after it’s released.

Tracy: What is your title?

Jennifer: My book is called An Unexpected Christmas Gift. It’s about the main character Janie who had tragedy in her life, her boyfriend, who she had thought that she would end up marrying and ends up dying. 

She’s not really even interested in getting married and having children and all that, but she feels like she’s a little older now, and that hurt her chances. So she’s just been helping out her father at their dry goods store and bakery. It’s during the Christmas season, the beginning of December, and she receives a mysterious package in the mail, she opens it up, and she has no idea who it’s from. And then that brings us to the hero in the story, which is Rob. He’s also dealing with his own,  personal pain. He basically left the Amish for that. I don’t want to give too much of it away. And he followed his dream of becoming a pilot. 

I don’t want to give too much away.

Tracy: Jennifer, it’s wonderful to hear about your series and your part in the Amish Christmas Collection. And I just like to end with something a little fun, and I want to play a little speed round with you where I’m just going to present you with a question, and you just tell me at the top of your head, the first thing that comes to mind, are you ready?

Jennifer: Probably not, but okay. Okay.

Tracy:  What does a person need to be happy?

Jennifer: A relationship with Jesus?

Tracy: Paper or plastic?

Jennifer: I’m a plastic girl.

Tracy:  And lastly, do you like Disneyland? 

Jennifer:   Disneyland is a bittersweet place for me because I always got sick there as a kid. So, no, I don’t, I don’t really care much for Disneyland.

Tracy:  Thank you so much, Jennifer. Thanks for spending time with us. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Jennifer: Yeah. I just like to say thank you once again. I hope that this collection and all of my books really are a blessing to our readers, and I hope they get a little piece of God’s heart in the stories. That is what I want to convey in my writing is, is God’s love for them.

Tracy: Well, that was the perfect way to end. And that wraps up this week’s episode next week; we’ll have Rachel Good as our guests to talk about her latest project, along with her part in the Amish Christmas Miracles Collection. So we’ll see you next week on the Buggy Talk Podcast.