Amish Women of Lawrence County Trilogy Books 1-3


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Discover the heartfelt journey of three faith-filled women as they navigate the simplicities of faith, love, and redemption in the Amish Women of Lawrence County Trilogy.

Book 1 - Emma's Amish Faith Tested

Emma Yoder’s world shatters when she loses her unborn child, and the comfort she seeks from her Old Order Amish community falls short. As she wrestles with grief and whispers of hidden truths, Emma embarks on a transformative journey. Her newfound passion for Jesus's teachings conflicts with her community’s traditions.

Will Emma find the strength to embrace divine grace and reclaim her faith?

Book 2 - Rebecca's Amish Heart Restored

Rebecca Byler’s life is entangled in lies and secrets, driving her to isolate herself from those she loves. Eli Bricker’s determination to uncover the pain behind her guarded heart brings them closer, but Rebecca’s guilt and self-blame push her toward leaving Willow Springs. With the help of Eli’s grandmother and an emotional letter from her deceased mother, Rebecca confronts her past.

Can she embrace forgiveness and open her heart to love once more?

Book 3 - Anna's Amish Fears Revealed

Anna Byler is consumed by fear and anxiety after Simon Kauffman’s sudden departure from their Amish community. Despite her newfound relationship with Jesus, she struggles to fill the void left by Simon. Her quest to understand Simon’s disappearance and unexpected return leads her to question his motives and God’s promises.

Will Anna find the courage to trust the Lord and achieve peace in her life?

The Amish Women of Lawrence County Trilogy offers a look into the lives of three resilient women set against the backdrop of the Amish community. Experience the richness of tradition, the intensity of personal struggles, and the beauty of unwavering faith in this compelling series by Tracy Fredrychowski.

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