An Amish Christmas at the Apple Blossom Inn


Two sisters. Two stories. One great Amish Christmas read.

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Orphaned just weeks before Christmas, the Beiler sisters suddenly discover they could lose their home and what’s worse—each other. To make ends meet, sisters Sadie and Katie are plunged into working at the Willow Spring’s Apple Blossom Inn.

But will their efforts be enough?

Sadie - Struggling with pride, Sadie yearns to bake scrumptious treats in the inn’s kitchen instead of cleaning floors and toilets. But when she makes the mistake of her life, can Sadie and the inn’s handsome maintenance worker Jubal King create a plan to help save her family and maybe even the Apple Blossom Inn?

Katie - On the cusp of a family tragedy, Katie must put her trust in the Lord and step into a mostly English world. When Jeremiah Hershberger returns to Willow Springs looking for answers, Katie sets out on a journey to help him discover secrets of his past.

Can these young women find a way to bring the joy of Christmas back to their family and to Willow Springs?