Barbara’s Amish Truth Exposed


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Will this shame-filled believer ever allow God to heal her broken heart? Or will she carry the burden of her lie alone, permitting history to repeat itself?

Barbara Wagler is filled with shame over dishonoring her husband’s memory. While the young Amish woman is devastated after her husband of five years dies in a farming accident, she is left to raise their sons alone. When her first love, Joseph Wagler, returns to Willow Springs, can they bury the past, or will widower Roy Mullet from Sugarcreek stir up trouble in Barbara and her sister Susan’s life?

Still struggling to allow herself happiness, Barbara sets out on a journey to reveal the truth of her mistakes. But her honesty leads her to question God’s ultimate promises and her father’s sordid past.

Can this woman continue to lie to herself, or will she find the courage to boldly go to God and allow him to lead her on a path of deliverance?

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