Savannah’s Amish Ties That Bind


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A secret Amish legacy challenges a young English woman’s faith in the shadow of a vanished husband and shattered dreams. Can she unravel the secrets of the past to forge a new life within an Old Order Amish community?

Savannah Carmicheal is uprooted from her posh Charleston, South Carolina when the sudden disappearance of her husband leads her on a journey to Northwestern Pennsylvania. As Savannah struggles with her eccentric grandmother’s fading memory, she discovers hidden Amish ties that connect her with a family she didn’t know existed.

Neal Zook thought he could make a life for himself elsewhere, far away from the rules and traditions of his Amish upbringing. Yet, when external forces challenge his faith, he faces a pivotal decision – to forsake all he holds dear and return to his Amish community or go against his conscience and live a lie regardless of the ties that bind him to his past.

Can this couple find common ground to bind their commitment to God, or will the clash of their worlds shatter the fragile gap between their different backgrounds?

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