The Amish Baker Caper


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Meet Ruthie Mast, the feisty and determined baker at the heart of The Amish Bakery, known for her bossy demeanor, which has kept suitors at bay—until now.

Ruthie’s world has turned upside down when her prized recipe box vanishes, threatening her bakery’s reputation and livelihood. The theft is just one in a series of unsettling crimes rippling through the tranquil town of Willow Springs, striking businesses and unsettling the tight-knit members of the New Order Fellowship Church.

With the arrival of Isaish King, the quirky newcomer with ADHD tendencies and a fondness for chatter, Ruthie finds herself reluctantly drawn into an unexpected partnership to solve the mystery and restore harmony to Willow Springs. As they delve into their investigation, sparks fly between Ruthie’s no-nonsense approach and Isaiah’s social naivety, creating a dynamic that is as entertaining as it is endearing.

As they unravel the intricate web of secrets beneath Willow Springs’ idyllic façade, the community is rivetted by increasing tension. The frequent thefts have sown seeds of doubt, raising fears that the culprit could be one of their own or perhaps outside preying on the Amish.

Can they restore order before Willow Springs loses more than just cherished recipes? Join them in this heart-pounding adventure, where every clue counts, and now the secret is safe.

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