Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored

The Amish Women of Lawrence County: Book 2

Author: Tracy Fredrychowski
Series: The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Publisher: The Tracer Group, LLC
Releases: March 22, 2022

Anger and bitterness surround a young Amish woman Rebecca Byler to a point she alienates herself from everyone she holds dear.

A deep secret edges its way to the surface when Rebecca’s twin sister Anna works to get to the bottom of her resentment. Will a past mistake continue to haunt Rebecca, or will she look for the truth in Jesus to see her through?

Eli Bricker, the only one to see through Rebecca’s pain, is determined to prove that her past doesn’t define her.  

When Eli’s grandmother, Mary, takes Rebecca under her wing, will the young woman find fault in the ailing woman, or will Mary’s grace be enough to change Rebecca’s heart?

Shame etches a hole in a young woman’s heart in this second book of The Amish Women of Lawrence County Series.

Read Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored and learn how Rebecca Byler finds strength through the friendship of an old woman to forgive herself and live the life God intended for her.