Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored

The Amish Women of Lawrence County: Book 2

Author: Tracy Fredrychowski
Series: The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Publisher: The Tracer Group, LLC
Releases: April 12, 2022

Lies and secrets surround a young woman’s heart. Can this shame-filled believer salvage her life and find true happiness?

Rebecca Byler is struggling with the truth. While this young Amish woman is determined to push everyone away, Eli Bricker is set on discovering the pain that holds her captive. When Rebecca finds little reassurance from her Old Order’s strict ways, she’s drawn to Eli’s ailing grandmother, Mary, and a letter from her deceased mother. 

Still blaming herself for a series of tragedies, Rebecca plans to leave Willow Springs in hopes of saving Eli from God’s wrath. But Mary sets a plan in motion to share the love of Jesus with Rebecca and force her hand in marriage to keep both Eli and her from giving up on love. 

Can this sharp-tongued woman find the courage to face her past and seek forgiveness from the Almighty? 

Rebecca’s Amish Heart Restored is the inspirational second book in The Amish Women of Lawrence County series of women’s fiction novels. If you like spiritual explorations, real-life challenges of emotional bravery, and basking in God’s light, then you’ll adore Tracy Fredrychowski’s exploration of hope. 

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