Willow Springs, PA – New Order Fellowship

August 31, 2022

The hot and humid dog days of August are here! We have had on-and-off thundershowers, just enough to keep the young boys busy mowing grass. I have a blackberry pie cooling on the counter, which will make a good addition to our evening meal. Sister Anna and I have countless briar scratches for all our hard work picking berries.

Last week a vanload of Kaufmans went to Berlin, Ohio, to attend a wedding for Jebediah and Naomi’s nephew. The church was empty on Sunday, with six out of the seven Kaufmann families gone.

School starts in these parts after Labor Day. The extra help around the house and farm will soon be replaced with quiet. Hard to believe we are in that time of the year again.

Good to see both Joseph Wagler and Simon Kauffman return to the community. Both have been gone from our midsts for some time. Simon has been working at Mast Lumber Mill, and Joseph has been helping his sister-in-law Barbara with the farm since her husband John passed. God always answers prayers.

Some people attended the funeral of John A. Miller’s wife, Edna, in Meadville, PA. Thoughts go to the family and the four children she leaves behind.

I must go. Corn is on the menu, and it won’t pick itself. “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult.”
Emma Yoder

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New releases or soon-to-be-released:

Photo by Jim Fisher – Used with permission.