Look what’s almost finished!

I think a new cover reveal is more exciting then typing “THE END”  and closing my laptop for the day.

It’s been a crazy few weeks working through edit after edit, but it’s time to start talking about Book 2 of my “Secrets of Willow Springs” series.

For those of you who read Book 1 you know, Emma Byler finds out she isn’t who she thought she was. Her Amish parents kept a very important secret from her, and it certainly changed her life forever.

In book two, I introduce you to Marie Cooper and the struggles she faces fitting back into her hometown of Sugarcreek after spending sixteen years in prison. Can she find a way to get wealthy Nathan Bouteright to trust her, and will four-year-old Amos be the one person who finds a way into her hardened heart?

I can’t tell you all the secrets Willow Springs and Sugarcreek hold, but I can tell you it releases December 17th, and you’ll want to have read Book 1 first. 

Now is the time to add “Secrets of Willow Springs – Book 1” to your reading list so you’ll be all ready to read Book 2 in December when it launches.