The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Author: Tracy Fredrychowski
Series: The Amish Women of Lawrence County

Publisher: The Tracer Group, LLC

Tucked away in Northwestern Pennsylvania, resides a small group of Amish that calls Lawrence County their home. Along the winding country roads, etched with well-worn buggy tracks, are families that hold the values of God, Family, and Community deep in tradition. Among them, are ten women whose lives intertwine in this quiet Pennsylvania town. I invite you to come with me as I take you for a walk in a “day in the life” of these Amish women.

Each of them is led by the Lord to take care of her family, and each embraces her role as the one who holds her family together. Some will discover new love, one will battle health issues, some will need to forgive, and others will find who they are in Christ. But what binds them all together is their desire to serve God, love their families, and support their community by loving their neighbors, just as God instructs them to do. 

Excerpt from Emma’s Story

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for well-being and not for trouble, to give you a future and hope.

-Jeremiah 29:11 

Emma rolled over in bed and pulled the quilt up over her head just as she heard her mamm call from the bottom of the stairs.

“Emma! You’ll be late for school if you don’t get up right this minute.”

“Okay, okay, I’m getting up,” she yelled back, gritting her teeth.

Emma hated the long winter months and dreaded walking to school in the cold.  Spring couldn’t come fast enough. She was already looking forward to warmer days when she could dig her hands in the soft soil and plant a garden.

Hearing the sharpness in her mamm’s voice, Emma knew she needed to face the cold and get out of bed. From under her favorite quilt, she tried to focus on the wind-up clock on the nightstand. It was seven o’clock, past time to get up. With a deep sigh, she threw her quilt off and swung her feet over the edge of the bed. Determined to shake off the winter blues, she stretched and willed herself to get moving.

The floor was cold, and she shivered while looking for her stockings. Finding them folded on the hope chest at the foot of her bed, she quickly pulled them on and walked to the window. There wasn’t any heat in her upstairs bedroom, and she had forgotten to open her door before climbing in bed last night. It wasn’t the first time she hadn’t let the warmth of the coal stove downstairs warm her room at night. She couldn’t blame anyone except herself for her room being cold. Using the warmth of her hand to melt the frosty pane, she rubbed a spot big enough to lookout. The sun was starting to light the horizon enough to see there wasn’t a cloud in the sky to protect her from the bitter chill of a Pennsylvania winter morning. Rubbing her arms through her cotton nightgown, she thought even her blue headscarf and heavy brown bonnet wouldn’t do much to make the mile and a half walk to school enjoyable.  

Once again, she heard her mamm call from the kitchen. Calling back that she would be down in a minute, Emma changed from her nightgown into her burgundy work dress and white apron, quickly made her bed and headed downstairs.

Holding the banister so her stocking feet wouldn’t slip on the polished wooden stairs, Emma could hear her sisters, Rebecca and Anna, cheerfully talking about their plans for the day. Judging by the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, she knew her cookie baking marathon last night had been successful. Her sisters were marveling at her meticulously frosted cookies, gently stacking them in the cookie tin she had left on the table. She couldn’t help but notice the familiar twinge of envy she felt when she saw how close her older twin sisters were, but she quickly pushed it away. She did not need to add to her blue mood. She was sure they didn’t intentionally leave her out of their plans, but she never felt they went out of their way to include her either. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, she closed her eyes and said a little prayer asking Gott to take her sour mood away.