listening to them read from their newest release!

Have you ever longed to meet one of your favorite Amish Fiction Authors?

While I know meeting face to face isn’t always possible, I want to help you get to know some of your favorite authors personally.

Click on one of the following links and step behind the scenes of these famous Amish Fiction Authors as I interview them on their latest release. And as a special treat, each of them takes the time to read a pivotal scene from their book. (I just LOVE that part!)

Ashley Emma – Amish Accident
Debby Giusti – Amish Spring Romance Collection
Shelley Shepard Gray – Edgewater Road
Debby Giusti – Smugglers in Amish Country
Lenora Worth – Secrets in an Amish Garden

Lastly, I would love to know who your favorite Amish Fiction Author is. Who would you love to be a guest on the Buggy Talk Podcast? Let me know in the comments below.